The Hill in STL




I spent the day in St.  LOUIS, mo. On ‘The Hill’ with my dad and my sister. We ate lunch at Adriana’s (spicy salsiccia-best sandwich ever), Grocery shopping at DiGregorios and antique shopping at gringo jones. My kind of day!! Although,  it was slightly biz related because all of the Italian food inspired me to give ‘Tones’ a creative meal to serve up in the third installment of Marley Parker!


Now available!


My new book–Marley Parker A Rumor of Ghosts–¬†is now available at in both paperback and ebook formats. It will be soon be for sale at, I’ll keep you posted. Get your copy today!

First review for Marley Parker, A Rumor of Ghosts

I was so pleased when I received an email this morning, that contained my first book review for my second book (Marley Parker, A Rumor of Ghosts), that I had to share it with you! I’m running slightly behind with the release; as it was supposed to come out on the first. However, it will be available everywhere next week! yay! On that note, below is my review. ūüėČ

What a FUN book to read!! When I first saw the title, I thought it really was going to be a Nancy Drew book aimed at teens, but you have created a character in Marley that will appeal to readers of all ages. I was on edge for the whole thing–you have a real knack for plot twists, and you beautifully merged all the subplots together into a satisfying and nicely resolved whole, while leaving plenty of fuel for Marley’s next book. Your epilogue was stunningly well thought out in this respect!¬†
This is a very strong and well constructed book.One last note: Make sure you reserve the screen rights! This is a movie dying to be made!
Thank you so much for sharing your book with me.

You asked for it…makeup used for photo shoot

New book cover


Marley parker book 2, available March 1st.

New Book proving to be a little too scary!!

word press picI am finishing up my 2nd book and writing the last chapter, as we speak. It will go out to my group of beta-readers next week, then the editing process.¬†The final release date is March 1st! Woo Woo! All I can say is…WOW! This is one scary F#*$ing book! I have given myself nightmares from this one- and I LOVE scary stuff. It has required¬†more thorough amounts of research¬†than the first and I will be glad when this one is over! ¬†It has been a bittersweet experience¬†for me;¬†the subject matter has been difficult for me to¬†write about¬†yet at the same time so very¬†fascinating. I am once again humbled at the things I have learned from this process.¬†I’m learning from mistakes in the writing, editing, publishing process from¬†my first book; hopefully creating my masterpiece with the second. ūüėČ Thank you for your support and prayers!

Love, love, love


Happy NYE!

Happy new years eve! Make a promise to yourselves to be strong, confident,  productive and HAPPY in 2015!
I’m hard at work from the slopes at Aspen with some of my fave people!


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