‘Redletter’, 3rd book in the Marley Parker series has been released

My third book is now available for purchase! Ebook is sold at Barnes & Noble.com, amazon, smashwords, kindle, kobo books.  Paperback version is for sale on amazon. Please leave me a good review 😘😘




A Rumor Ghosts is announced first place WINNER of the Young Adult category!!

check out http://www.greatmidwestbookfestival.com to see the list of books/authors that  

 won in 2015. 

Marley Parker: A Rumor of ghosts took first place in the young adult category. 

I’ll be attending the awards ceremony in Chicago on 11-21!!  Yippee!!


Cabo San Lucas style

Hard at work on the 3rd installment of the Marley Parker book series, ‘Redletter’ from the glorious beaches of Cabo San Lucas, my favorite vacation destination. Much to my surprise, several fellow vacationers have stopped to ask me what I was working so intensely on. After informing them that I was an author and working in my new book; they asked me for some reading recommendations.  So I thought I would share them with you as well! I plan on reading at least 2-3 of the following this week;

The Wicked girls by Alex Marwood

Mr Peanut by Adam Ross

Between shades of grey by Ruta Sepetys

The Traitor’s Wife by Chicago author/Allison pataki

Until next time, I’ll leave you with some apropos lyrics from one of my favorite songwriters; 

‘he cold light you up 

and summon every swan 

or the lakeside 

off to cabo san lucas 

for some optical stimulus’

-Tori Amos, ‘Amber Waves’ 


Final cover for Rumor of Ghosts

Yes!! I finally agreed on a cover for A Rumor of Ghosts, that I am obsessed with. Its beautiful, its intriguing and it tells a story. What do you think?ROG new cover

Thanks to my artistic guru, Tom Gaskins. Once again, you killed it!

Excerpt from Marley Parker: A Rumor of Ghosts

Maria-44Excerpt from Marley Parker: A Rumor of Ghosts.

Here is part 2 of my interview with http://www.mysteriousheartland.com. Β it is an excerpt from my 2nd book, check it out.

Interview with Maria Sigle, Author of Marley Parker: A Rumor of Ghosts

Interview with Maria Sigle, Author of Marley Parker: A Rumor of Ghosts.

Another awesome interview with author Michael Kleen!!

I wanted to share a brief history of how this interview came to be. After I completed my first novel last year, I went through a bit of a rough patch learning the ins and outs of being a new author. I thought writing the book was the hard part but I was mistaken. After the writing, comes; marketing, editing, query letters, cover art, author photos, signings, and that’s just the beginning. At any rate, I decided what I needed was a friend and mentor of sorts, if I was going to succeed in this manic biz. I didn’t know anyone in the book industry or have a clue where to begin. I was sitting un my office pondering this, when my eyes gravitated toward my bookshelf. The first book I saw was a well loved edition of ‘Haunted Illinois’, next to ‘Tales of Coles County’, both authored by Michael Kleen. So, I figured…what the hell, looked up Kleen’s website and sent him a random email asking for some guidance. He not only responded promptly with some much needed advice but also offered to interview me for his popular website, http://www.mysteriousheartland.com. He has since become a trusted friend and I find myself relying on his sage advice quite often. So, a big THANKS to my buddy, Mike!! I hope u enjoy the articles.

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